trying it solo

I have lived alone for nearly six months. Without a roommate and without my parents. Just me and a one bedroom apartment a block from where I work. 

I suppose it's not such a milestone for people, but it was a first for me. I had one roommate all throughout college. Then, I was an au pair and lived with the family I worked for overseas. After, I moved home with my parents to save money {and because, I hadn't lived closer than 9 hours drive from my parents in over four years}. After being here and there the greater part of last year, I really wanted to try living alone. 

And, man, did I learn a lot about myself. 

When you're alone with yourself and your thoughts, you see your dreams and ambitions with incredible clarity. You understand your habits in finite detail because you see them all every day. 

I learned that I like eating cold Noodle Express leftovers in my underwear while I do homework in bed. 

I learned that I use on average $17.82 a month worth of electricity and that I love Gardenia candles and those that smell like Fresh Linen. 

I learned that I have two closets filled with clothes and about ten Rubbermaids still in  storage, but I always wear the same grey t-shirt on the weekends. 

I learned that you are never too old for a night light, and that it's possible to be 25 and afraid of the dark. 

I learned that I inherited my mother's appreciation for the pretty details of a space. She bought me a beautiful dining room table handcrafted in Yugoslavia that I found at an antique store for Valentine's Day and a china tea set with a green trim around the saucers. 

I learned that I watch Love Actually and About Time whenever I can be bothered to turn my T.V. on. 

I have learned that alone time is a skill, and so is cooking for one. 

Mostly though, I learned the importance of people when you live alone. Having someone to invite over for brunch. Having people to go hiking with on Sundays and to Skype late at night when you can't sleep. I have the most incredible friends-- here close by and on the other side of the world. In living alone I haven't felt lonely, because of the people I love.  And that was what I was most worried about. There is truly a difference between the two though-- between being alone and being lonely. I've enjoyed quiet nights in with the option to go out or hang out. not everyone has a support system like I do. A family of friends that makes living solo as easy as it's been for me. That is truly the biggest blessing. 

I think living alone, trying it solo, is something everyone should give a go if they're able. Because, like travelling alone, the experience is entirely different.

Things are going to be changing, I'll be moving abroad much sooner than I anticipated. I'll make an official announcement soon.  One thing will remain no matter what I'm doing or where I am...

I'll always be the girl who likes to go places and tell her stories.

And the girl who likes leftover Noodles. Those are a must.