Electric City Waterpark

I had big plans to sleep in past 7 o'clock this weekend, but that failed miserably and wouldn't you know it, I was up and around at 6 a.m.

The silver lining to these early starts was that I was productive enough on Friday and Saturday that I felt able to relax a bit more. So, at Lyndsay's suggestion for much needed R&R, we went to the Electric City Waterpark. It was my last Sunday in Montana for {potentially} forever. 

And what a perfectly sunny last Sunday it was. 

With all the essentials in hand {Birkenstocks, Conde Nast Traveler tote and magazine, water bottles, and sunglasses}, we made our way poolside.  

Upon arrival, we spotted two lounge chairs in prime sunbathing spots. Getting there exactly when the park opened allowed for us to take dip in the pool without worry of being splashed by teenagers.  

The lifeguards at the pool were on BAEwatch with Lyndsay in the water! Get it?  I waved to one of the lifeguards to make him feel uncomfortable since he was staring right at her, but he didn't see me wave because he was too busy drooling over Lynds to notice her dorky friend waving. 

Besides getting shutdown by a {probably} 15 year-old, I thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon at the waterpark. It was much more than just a pool. It had all sorts of fun stuff-- an endless river you can tube down, multiple slides, and a "soakzone" for the little kiddies. 

As an advocate for colder temperatures, it's not often I find the heat above the 80s enjoyable. However, the sunshine tickling my skin made for an incredible mood booster. It was nice to relax and not stress or anticipate what I should be doing next. There was no to-do list made this Sunday. 

IMG_0477 (1000x667).jpg

I leave Montana on Thursday making a long journey down to South Carolina {a roadtrip I will likely blog about} and that leaving reality is setting in deeper and deeper.

This move is especially bittersweet. I am getting to take the job of my dreams doing work I am so passionate about in a country I have such affection for, but that means I am also going to be making a smaller income, attempting to finish my final semester of my Master's degree online in a place with less than steady internet, and I will have postponed some other major travel plans. Having all that on my brain made my last Sunday in Montana spent in sunshine laughing with a dear friend a kind of sweet ending.

With rosey cheeks and a tan/sunburn, I'm off to aloe vera my shoulders.