take me out to the ball game

Thursday was the Great Falls Voyager's home opener!

I wouldn't say I'm a baseball fanatic, but I appreciate any reason to sit in the sun, drink a cold one, and heckle the opposing team. If heckling were an Olympic sport, I'd be a dang gold medalist. Just ask Sam. I'm still making that Ferg Hall versus City Court {eww} indoor footy game up to him. 

Anyway, my theory about baseball is this: it's all in the atmosphere. For instance, the Mariners games I've been to in Seattle have been among my favorite baseball games ever, because the atmosphere of the games has been on. The Yankees game me and the New Zealanders went to last summer...lacking. So, so lacking.

Atmosphere or not, Alma, Lyndsay, and I couldn't turn down free tickets from the university! Though, actually, Lyndsay had to pay for hers. What made the evening even better was the small fact that it was "Thirsty Thursday" and thus all domestic drafts were $2. But the fun didn't stop at the cheap beer and the free seats. 

Oh no, it got better. The bat boys. You guys. If Chris Farley were still alive and ruling the world {rest in peace, Tommy boy}, he could have found his doppleganger in a 12 year-old bat boy at the Voyagers game. My creep shot {above} does not do it all justice, but I forgot my zoom lens, so it's all the proof I have. Bless him. 

As we each finished our one beer {wild things, us gals}, a thunderstorm rolled in on the field and the game was postponed. Forty minutes in and lightning. Just. Our. Luck. 

Not being ones to end a perfectly fine evening on a bit of a bummer, we decided to take our laughs to a nearby sports bar where we watched the USA Men's Gymnastic Team qualifying trials. 

I guess it's true what the song says: take me out to the ball game. And if the ball game should be canceled by a storm, take me out to anywhere that has men in leotards on a big screen. 

Or something like that. 

Also, thanks for all the positive feedback on the changes to SLK over the past week! This space is changing as we have some new TRAVEL SPONSORS! Cheers your $2 beers to that, guys. Cheers. To. That.