one more for the road

Feels like as good a time as any to write a love letter to my people here. Not that writing about the ones I love is an anomaly on this blog. It seems to be a running theme. Nonetheless, here's one more for the road, this time for my Montana ladies. 

In the midst of the many brick buildings that go unused in Great Falls, is a restaurant called Bert & Ernie's. It's a bit pricey, but 100% worth every penny {that veggie panini tho}. And, guys, it's just the place for a final Montana supper with friends I've had since I used to crimp by hair and think it was okay. 

When I moved here in January, I had a few job interviews and no real direction. But what I did have {what I do have} were {are} good people. Assuring my mother Montana would be good despite being so far away from her and rushing into that decision after monnnnthsssss of living out of my backpack was no easy task, but it was made better by her knowing I had people there.

My mother knows that my knack at finding friends that don't love conditionally and that don't only communicate when there is something in it for them means I have family scattered everywhere. I'm still in regular contact with my friends from across Europe. My kiwi friends are beyond family at this point, and everyone I have met along any of my travels seems to be "good people." This includes Montana. 

It may have been smarter to live at home, focus on grad school, and rebuild the funds I had spent on the many experiences I had just arrived home from having. It may have made more sense. May have been more comfortable being back near blood family. 

But, then I would not have had this chance to make these new memories with old friends. We got the opportunity to hear about each others' adventures face-to-face instead of over Skype for a change. We got to re-learn one another as the women we've evolved into. Short-lived as it may have been, it was beautiful while it lasted. 

Female relationships tend to get a bad wrap. And by that, I mean that women lifting other women up isn't given enough spotlight. I have wonderful, supportive, hilarious male friends who are among the most protective and compassionate individuals I have ever known. 

But I have also found women who empower me, encourage my big dreams, and surround me with a feeling of unconditional acceptance. They are forgiving, they are smart, and they respect me...and one another

We ate. We each enjoyed a drink. We laughed. We talked movies and careers and politics and sharks. 

Yeah, conversations not about dating, whoa. 

I don't know what time we left. All I know is that we hugged good-bye in a parking lot as the sky changed shades of blue and that I love these people more than I had even previously.