deja vu

This Saturday, I found myself at the Great Falls Farmer's Market strolling around like I have so many times before. Lyndsay and I made a morning of it. The market is a vegetarian's dream come true. All the kale and raspberries, please! Unfortunately, it is not a dog owner's dream-- no pups allowed! You could, however, grab a cup of coffee and chat it up with the local police force.

As we {quickly and sneakily} checked out all the booths, waiting to be told off for bringing Smokey, the dog Lyndsay was dog-sitting, I was hit by a wave of deja vu.  I got that "been here" feeling. 

We stopped by Electric City Coffee for something to keep us warm on the overcast morning and went for a wander through Gibson Park, just across the road from the market.

I have been here before, and I don't just mean the Farmer's Market. I've been in this spot previously. Packing my things, selling them off, and preparing for a lot of unknown. I appreciate deja vu when it hits though, because it reminds me that all the paperwork and preparations for my move-- I've figured it all out before. 

Deja vu tends to come hand and hand with nostalgia for me. But those feelings give me a deep sense of appreciation for little moments. I appreciate time spent at the market with friends knowing that there are x amount of days left to enjoy them in this setting, at this stage in life.

We finished walking through the park and I headed home to continue the long, tedious process that is packing your life back into boxes, sinking back into the "been here, done this" feeling. And with it, feeling overwhelmingly excited for everything that's being put into motion.