bungy jumping in New Zealand

I have gone on the edge of a bridge, prepared to jump twice. I have actually jumped just once.

Back in 2014, Lindsey came to visit me towards the end of my time as an au pair. I was heartbroken to be once again leaving New Zealand, so having Lindsey there as a distraction was welcomed to say the least.


Two years before that, in 2012, Keegan, Benner, Simon, and myself went on a roadtrip so that I could have the New Zealand bungy jumping experience I had so wanted! Unfortunately...after gearing up and hanging out on the edge of the bridge for a wee while and then crying for Simon to come save me, I walked away from the jump. I got endless shit from the boys, but the pictures are still here for the world to witness the demise of my bravery.

This time, I was positive I would jump. This was on my bucketlist and I didn't know when I would get the chance to be back in New Zealand for a proper bungy. I made the reservations and Simon came with the two of us for support.


We arrived {in our unintentional matching outfits}  at Auckland Bridge Climb & Bungy a little early. We strolled around the harbor to take in the views of the yachts and sailboats and the bridge we'd be diving off of. I was starting to doubt my commitment to the cause, but Simon reminded me that I had instantly regretted not jumping at Gravity Canyon.

We went into a converted shipping container where they suited us up in harnesses and helmets {this was only for the walk up to the pod}. We were given basic instructions and signed our liability agreements and off we were lead with a group of about eight other people.

We were welcomed by two good looking lads with sick tattoos and I was digging it hard. They did this for a living!? How cool! I was enjoying the view and Lindsey and I were both a combination of nerves and excitement.

One by one the people in our group were called by weight order to the plank on the edge of the bridge. And one by one they smiled up at the camera and then dove off. Flat backs, grins across their faces.

And then...there was me...

I soon realized the view was one I would be seeing upside down. I'd be jumping willingly off a bridge. I'd die instantly on impact of the water, something I could take comfort in. Unless! What if I dove perfectly into the water and then got eaten by a shark?! Or hit by a boat passing underneath us?

The guy running the jumps in the pod who was once cute was soon a total annoyance. 'Alright little lady, you're up!' He was too excited for me to be bounced off of a rope attached to a bridge and potentially fall to my death.

I was not having it. Not on bit. Death metal was blaring in the background replacing the rap that had been playing during everyone else's jump, which I took as a total sign from the universe. That's the kind of music people who die young listen to and it was not "amping me up" by any measure. Also, being the last person to go was awful luck. Everyone who had completed the jump

In the end, I jumped. I didn't have it in me to leave my favorite island with regrets of any kind.

It's been two years this month since I left my job as an au pair and my life in Auckland. And this year will be the first in five years that I haven't been in New Zealand for a visit, to study, or to live. Maybe I've been feeling extra nostalgic {from me? no way!?} and so finding these pictures in the archives were the shot of home I needed to tide me over. That longing to be with the people I love and in the place that feels right...that's how I feel about New Zealand. It suits me.

But I digress. Would I bungy jump again? No. To be perfectly honest, it kind of hurt...? I didn't jump super straight and my back kind of bent funny. It was a total adrenaline rush and so I absolutely recommend it, but I just don't know if it's something I need to repeat.

Although...I heard the one in South Africa is worth a go... ;)