paving your own road & following it

I struggle with navigation. No no, I mean it. I get absolutely lost in Great Falls and I lived here for nearly four years while attending uni. However! I have a theory about my skills in navigation or utter lack thereof. Are you ready for it? I know, you're probably on the edge of your seat.

Here it is: I believe the places that feel most like home to me are the most easily navigable. This seems to hold true in almost any instance. New Zealand, easy. I could be blindfolded and find my way from Darwin Lane to Mission Bay. In Rapid City, I still don't know which street is Main and which is Omaha...or wait...are those the two that merge into one? Luang Prabang, incredibly easy, in large part because you only need to follow the Mekong river and it leads you. 

Despite sometimes feeling unable to navigate where I am, I follow the road I set out on. And if it doesn't lead to where I want to be, it might lead me to where I need to be. And, and, and if it doesn't, I take comfort in the fact that I am the captain of my ship. It is that philosophy-- seeing things out and re-routing accordingly that has, thus far, led to some out-of-this-world pit stops en route to wherever my final destination may be. 

Even when I've gone off-route. Even when I have felt that frantic "Am I going the right way?!" feeling. Even, even, even. I know that if I follow the road, I get where I was destined and aimed to be. And, in my own journey the same holds true.

If I follow the dang road, the one I have carved out for myself, the pay out has always been worth any extra steps taken or any confusion felt at the time.

I think there is a focus on waiting for your journey to start. But, this is it, guys. You are in your journey, writing your book. Yep, right now as you stand in your underwear drinking your morning coffee in your apartment you pay way too much for.

I find that hopeful, don't you? Knowing that you have to navigate it with a lot of determination and faith in your own direction. It's empowering. And, it is worth following the road patiently {and enjoying the path, which is key and often forgotten I think} to finally stand in your own divine right. To no longer ask for permission to want the things you want or to feel what you are feeling. Heart will get you a lot farther than any GPS.

And an important note about whatever path you're on is this: you can re-direct your life. You get to pick whether you head left or right. 

Who needs Google maps when you have heart, amirite?