I'm Tara.

I'm just a silly little girl who likes to go places and tell her silly little stories.

SLK documents the adventures I've had across 5 continents & who I've become on my journeys. 

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the blogger groupie

the blogger groupie

I am an avid blog reader. Like, real avid. Total blogger groupie status, if that's a thing.

In 2011, when I started SLK, I started my Pinterest account and was lucky enough to stumble upon The Daybook blog. Sydney became my first blogging best friend, without having ever actually met me. I was ecstatic when she announced the birth of both of her adorable babies, excited and nervous for her as she moved from place to place, and hopeful for her whilst her family was looking for the right place to be and the right job for her husband. The same way you feel those emotions for a friend. Which, is admittedly the strangest thing, because if you've never met someone how can you be so invested in them, right? I don't know, but it happens.

A woman with great style and great voice in her writing, she set the standard for me. I wanted to find my own style and my written voice, so that I could more easily express myself the way that Sydney seemed able to.

While reading The Daybook {and a growing list of daily blog reads}, I found Hey Natalie Jean {the artist formerly known as Nat the Fat Rat}. A blogging momma living in NYC with her husband and their perfect son, Henry.  Natalie's style was more aligned with what I liked, as far as fashion goes, but like Sydney, what really drew me in was Natalie's authenticity. It was her voice that made her feel like a friend.

Last summer, Keegan, Tash, and myself trekked to Brooklyn where I so desperately wanted to casually run into Natalie. Of course, she was visiting Salem, Massachusetts. Figures. That's just how the universe plays ya sometimes, aye? When I won a bid on a fuzzy pink sweater via her Instagram sale, Natalie sent it to me with a handwritten note apologizing that she had gotten the size wrong. A few months ago, she commented on an Instagram photo of mine that featured one of her Kathleen bags. Tash even sent me a screenshot "ARE YOU DYING RIGHT NOW?!" I was. Totally dying. 

Whether she was writing about styling a home, a wardrobe capsule, real life in NYC, or infertility, Natalie was open about things both seemingly superficial  and deeply important. Her struggle relocating back to Idaho, however, is what has spoken to me the most.

The feelings that Natalie has written about so poignantly in regards to moving back somewhere after such an adventure somewhere else and not exactly knowing how she fits into a "former life" after incredibly growth is something I've felt and failed to express after almost every big abroad experience. After leaving New Zealand, Laos, South America...heck, if you want to go way back, I felt that way when we moved to South Dakota from England. Location, guys. It can be a killer.  

Blogging is over-saturated. Full of flat lays of latte art and peonies, outfit posts and travel advice. I would know, I contribute to it and its aesthetics. But, you know, it's voice in blogging that makes a writer stick out and creates a more human experience. And it is voice in writing that makes me feel so connected to those who do it honestly and with heart.

There have been many moments where I have wanted to take down SLK. Clearly, I don't have thousands of followers, so the ripple effect is, well...minimal. But, the point is, I get it. I've been over it too. Seeing the same shit on every platform. People re-aligning their goals to match the ambitions of others on social media. I totally get it. And, after ten years {if I make it that long, which at this rate...who knows}, I'll probably get rid of my blog too. Probably.

After a bit of an unnecessary "meltdown" while reading Natalie's last post, I went to grab coffee with my real life friend. We sat there {under terrible lighting, since our usual table was taken, grr}, waiting for the rain to cease and we talked for hours. Time passes quickly when you are with a friend, much like reading the writing of someone whose words mean a lot to you. 

I get it. She's over it.  And so, like the virtual friend I am, I could not be happier for Natalie to be doing the damn thing. On her own terms. As the damn thing should always be done. 

And thank God I still have Sydney. 

paving your own road & following it

paving your own road & following it

Allbirds shoes

Allbirds shoes