giveaway // electric tundra mug winner

Earlier this weekend, Lyndsay came over and we had a casual brunch my apartment. The weather wasn't so hot, and rather than going out,  we thought making a meal in my silly little kitchen would be an ideal way to start the weekend. It was also a great excuse to save some pennies and catch up in the privacy of our own space away from Saturday coffeehouse chitter-chatter. 

As I attempted to be my most domestic self, we popped The Breakfast Club in and let it play in the background. I whipped up scrambled eggs with sea salt and warmed some wraps while throwing strawberries, raspberries, orange juice, and fresh coffee {obviously} on the table to finish it all off. Let these pictures be a testament to how hungry we were that we didn't stop and prep for pictures of the perfectly set table before digging into some good food and diving into conversation. The two of us talked pet peeves, future plans, global poverty, and Kayla Itnes workouts. After a good long while had passed, we both headed out to do something productive. The dishes got washed and the table was cleared as I listened to my new favorite podcast.

My apartment feels more and more like my own when I have time to slow down. Creating memories like sharing meals and conversation with loved ones adds extra warmth to the space. We went through two pots of coffee...but I put on a third anyway, just for myself. 

Speaking of coffee! The winner of our Electric Tundra mug is Jenny in Baltimore, Maryland! Congratulations and expect your mug in the post. 

Once again, big thanks to Electric Tundra and those of you who entered our collaborative giveaway. If you didn't win, go check out the Electric Tundra etsy shop here. It's important to support small and local businesses!