she who takes no prisoners

There is something I have never quite understood about the world. Or, perhaps, something I have never understood about people and their view of the world. Which isn't to say that I'm right, it's just to say that maybe they aren't either. 

When people ask me when I plan on settling, I wonder if they know that my answer should be obvious in the way they've worded their question? 

Because people who know me, know I'm not a settler. And I've never been a settler. I never settled for a B in the gradebook or a boy who wouldn't open the car door. If/when I have babies or get married or buy a home, I won't call it settling. I will have reached for it. I'm a reacher, by nature. 

You could blame all of this on my upbringing. Say that we moved around so often and were showed so much from such an early age. You could blame the magazines and articles I read encouraging my curiosity.

Or, you could just know that people find themselves living life at different paces with different goals to be met, pursuing different passions. 

I don't think this question is ever asked with wrongful or malicious intent. I just find it a bit puzzling. Even more baffling is that for years now I've answered it with a smile, almost mocking myself. 'Oh, you know me *haha* someday maybe if I'm lucky.'  No more. I refuse to feel bad for the way in which I live my life when I am so genuinely happy for those who have decided to live their own differently. 

If I asked, 'When are you going to start seeing the world?', that would be perceived as rude, right? People would squawk for weeks on end about how condescending I am. But people ask me all the time when I'm going to settle down. Some even say, 'Don't you want children? You aren't getting any younger!' 

The deal is this: people live life in pursuit of their happiness. We seek out that which gives us bliss. Being surrounded by friends or beautiful scenery, or having children with the partner of our fairytale dreams. Having a giant wedding with all the bells and whistles, or just loving in peace and quiet. Some want roots, planted like trees in the town we grew up in. Others want to see if maybe there is a place that exists that feels more like home, even if it is at first entirely foreign.                           

As I already know that going back to my "hometown" {and I use that term so loosely} this weekend  means I will be seeing familiar faces {some friendly and others...maybe not}, I'm sure I'll be hearing the all too familiar questions that come with the territory.

So, here is my new approach to answering them: whenever I'm asked when I am going to have children, I will ask you in return, when are you going to stop having them? See? It's baffling, amirite? 

Whenever I am asked 'when will you finally settle down?', I'll ask you {with a smile, of course} if you know that the world is round and people who brave venturing out into it don't fall off the edge?

Just turning the tables, guys. She who takes no prisoners carries with her no extra baggage. And I'm all about travelling light.