on change

Everything is blooming. And it's been raining for a week. While I love sunshine and that feeling that hits you when summer is rightttt around the corner, I am a big fan of rain. More than that, I love spring and it's being a symbol for change.

Because the theme of my entire existence has been just that.

There is a wave of change hitting. The University I work at is undergoing enormous growth and transition. I am preparing to be done with my degree OFFICIALLY in December {I won't walk until next May, so we can all just chill} and everything that comes with having a Master's sort of hits me when I'm making my morning tea or standing in the shower of a night. Like, wow, shit's happening. Add on top of all that, next year {which seems to be creeping closer at an alarming pace} is a giant question mark, hanging in the air decorated with plans throw at it all like confetti.

And then, in some months' time, I'll be twenty-six. I'm not one for comparisons. I don't like to think about what someone should be accomplishing or should have done by the time they're a certain age. But, when I was younger I thought 26 was the age when I'd just kind of get it. Like, it's all fun and games until I'm 26...or something. Now, I'm thinking maybe 28.

But I can handle change. I am all about it. My whole life has been constant change and movement.

I had a Skype meeting the other day with a fellow blogger and she noticed my tattoo. "Aww! Your griff is so fitting!" My griff? Huh? She laughed, "Your tattoo. Isn't that the griff for change?"

My tattoo is supposed to be the symbol in Alchemy for "earth." But I almost like the idea that it symbolizes change better. What is more fitting than "change" permanently inked on my skin?

I mean, besides my lower-back tattoo. That's clearly the most fitting.  

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