strolling by Giant Springs

Happy Monday, guys! Real talk, this was written on Sunday...

Here are some questions I've been asked recently via Facebook message or e-mail! Thanks for writing in and, as always, feel free to leave questions in the comments or on Instagram as well. 

Who takes the photos of you? 

When I'm on a trip with people, my friends or family kindly snap pictures when I ask them. If I'm travelling solo or want a picture of all of us I have a tripod. I've also been known to jimmy-rig pile of rocks, the ledge of a building, or a table stand to do the trick in a pinch! I always suggest you to ask a stranger. You'd be surprised how many fellow travelers want you to take a picture of them, but are too shy to ask. 

You started the blog so long ago, do you ever think of deleting it?

Facebook is basically a massive photo dumping ground for me and Instagram is a good way to network and share quick pics while I'm actually on the road, but SLK is my baby. I've deleted it multiple times, but then I'll either miss it or get asked about why it's gone. I'll let go of it one day when I'm old and probably when I have babies someday, I won't want to document my life so publicly. For now it stays. 

What camera do you use?

I have a Canon Rebel T5 and I also use my iPhone 6s. I'm in the market for an Olympus PEN, but we'll see. Honestly, I find that, while a camera does make a difference, the real magic tends to happen in Lightroom or Snapseed. Photos never do a place justice anyway. 

What do you do & how do you like being back in Montana?  

I work for a university in Montana, which is sweet because Montana is second home {New Zealand feeling like first, of course}. The mountains and the hiking and the scenery... It's been interesting being back in Great Falls {in good and strange ways!}, but returning to Montana was exactly what I needed after living out of a suitcase. It's been different and healthy to give being grounded a go, but the desire to live abroad is always there and you never know where you'll find me. I'm all about location freedom. 2017 will be a big year if all goes according to plan. But let's not jinx it, aye?

Those thigh high boots tho!!! Where where where can I find them?!

FreePeople. You can also check out the "Shop" tab for all the dets.  

What happened to Tash after South America? She seemed to disappear from your posts?

I kicked her to the curb. Never liked her much anyway. JOKES! Tash is undeniably one of the very best friends I have. She's living it up outside of London and travels around Europe every chance she gets. I'll get to see her for a wee visit of the old stomping grounds this summer.

My boyfriend took a job right outside of San Francisco, but I don't want to move that far away from family. HALP! 

I'm the worst at this stuff, but my advice is follow your heart. Also, tell your boyfriend California is expensive and overcrowded ha! Seriously though, I've heard great things about San Fran and if he's the person you want to be with, my philosophy has always been to try try try try to be with the person you love. It's always worth the fight. 

Why did you get rid of the ombre? 

LOL. Thanks for noticing ha! I have had an ombre in different shades and styles since 2012. Styles evolve. I use to wear fake plastic glasses and leggings as pants too, but I'm not bringing any of that back anytime soon. 

What is your advice to someone looking to live abroad?

Do it. 

How do you come up with stuff to write about? 

Live my life! If you are a storyteller, you never run out of content. 

Where is the next stop on your travel list?

This is so hard!! Nepal & India have been up there for a while now. Cuba though...I want to get there before a McDonald's and resort developers do. Also, my sixth continent-- Africa! I'm really itching to summit Mt. Kili. 

Are you afraid of being overexposed on the blog and your insta? Do people ever leave nasty comments?

I'm an overshare-er by nature. Sometimes I have felt like maybe I said too much, other times I have felt like I haven't said enough. Haters will absolutely always be there-- people who think you're ridiculous or who criticize your lack of privacy. It's important to know who you are, know what you believe, and live your most kind and passionate life.

You're always promoting being socially aware, but what's the big cause for you?

Animal cruelty, especially in the tourism industry. Sexual exploitation and human trafficking are huge after the work I did in Laos. Women's healthcare, affordable education, benefits for our military veterans...I could go on and on.