a guide to Seattle

Seattle, Washington is an incredible city. One of my favorites. I have been to visit so many times between 2010-2013, that when I fly through SEA/TAC airport, it always feels like familiar territory.

Here's a quick guide for those visiting the Emerald City! 

Where to stay?

I've always stayed in Kent on trips to Seattle, as I have always been there as a guest to my {then} boyfriend's family. However, I've been quietly dying to stay at this AirBnB in the downtown area. Accommodation in Seattle isn't always the cheapest, but it's also important that you are located somewhere central if you don't have a car or aren't comfortable using the Link. 

What to do?

The beauty of Washington is not restricted to Seattle. As a matter of fact, that's just the cultural center. As far as Western Washington goes, there are so many landscapes to enjoy and so much to do inside and outside of the city that makes it well worth the trip. BUT, even if you only see Seattle on its own, it is something pretty special.

Check out the famous gum wall! Gross as it sounds, it's kind of fascinating... It's also located right by Pike Place Market and an Improv Club I highly recommend. Make sure you slap some gum on the wall when you visit, it's the only way to really do it right!

Visit Pike Place! You can watch the tossing of the fish in the market, visit the original Starbucks, and pick up souvenirs {if you're into that sort of thing}. 

See the city from above! Both the Seattle Great Wheel and the Seattle Space Needle offer great views of the cityscape. The Great Wheel costs $13 for an adult ticket and it's advised that you purchase one in advance, particularly if you want to go on a summer day. The Seattle Space Needle {last time I went} run $22 for an adult.

What and where to eat?

As far as food and coffee are concerned, you aren't going to be hurting in Seattle. Unless you make yourself too full, in which case a stomach ache is probable. Coffee shops all over the city are top notch. Seattle is the only city I'd ever suggest going to a Starbucks in {ever!}, but it is where the company started and getting a latte from the original shop is kind of cool. I also recommend Herkimer, located in Phiney Ridge. They are the roasters for Crooked Tree {yes!!} and every barista is trained to perfection in latte art.

My top food recommendations are: brunch at Lola, snack at Piroshky Piroshky, the Pink Door for lunch/dinner with a burlesque show, Beecher's for their handmade mac'n'cheese {man, do I miss dairy}, and dessert donuts at Top Pot.

I highly suggest asking locals upon arrival or at your coffee stop for their recommendations.

^2010 Tara in all her grace

^2010 Tara in all her grace

Oh, the Freemont Troll. If you saw these photos and didn't instantly think of 10 Things I Hate About You, then we probably are not friends. And if you haven't even seen Heath Ledger in all his glory as angsty teen heart-throb, then I KNOW we aren't friends. Get the heck off the blog and go watch that cinema magic right the frick now. It's a 7 minute drive without traffic to the troll from the city center according to Google Maps. I didn't remember how long, so I looked it up. Regardless of time, it's worth it. Just to think, Joseph Gordon Levitt was there...sigh...

You can hop over to Gas Works Park from the Troll. On a summer day, it's the perfect place to sit, read a book, enjoy a glass of red, and take in the view of the water.

Other interesting things to note...

Art is everywhere in Seattle. From theater performances to concerts to art installations and exhibits at the SAM, there is never a shortage of beauty to take in. Once, the SAM had a Maori art exhibit that made me so incredibly home sick for my little island, I'm pretty sure it's what inspired me to by a ticket back in 2013.

Looking for something more hardcore? I once got the privilege of witnessing the badass-ery that is the Rat City Roller Girls. You. Guys. You haven't lived until you've witnessed a roller derby. It is everything. Also, don't leave Seattle without thrifting. I found the chambray top of my dreams originally from J. Crew for $5 in a thrift store on University Street.

Okay, so are you sold, or what? You're sold right?! Get to booking a ticket! Suggestion: Alaska Air has great deals for flights into SEA/TAC!