Allbirds shoes

I'm pretty "down-to-earth", as they say. I'm not high maintenance. I don't require acrylic nails or hours to get ready. Sure, I like nice things, but I've never felt entitled to them or as though they were necessities.

Despite feeling pretty grounded, my feet are hardly ever on the ground. I don't mean because I fly often, I mean because I'm a dreamer. Head in the clouds, feet in the sky. 

I dream big and I go for broke, because it's in my nature to wonder and wander. I think it's a pretty solid way to be, though, it does annoy people that I can't just accept things for the way they are when I see a way of bettering the system. Usually, it's because my big plans and wild dreams are not on the path of least resistance. It's hard work. 

I'm an ambitious planner for the future and full of optimism. All engines are go and run full-steam all the time. It means that I'm constantly searching for more. For professional growth and self-improvement. For opportunities to go places, give back, and collaborate.

Allbirds, the company behind these ultra-lightweight sneakers, are made for people who think big. {Also, can I mention how nice it is to find a pair of slick lookin' sneaks that aren't your basic Nike Frees?} Tim Brown, the founder of Allbirds, grew up in New Zealand where Merino wool is basically everywhere. He set out on a journey to create footwear inspired by natural materials. It took him a while, but he had a vision and he chased it.

This kind of vision is something that resonates with me. I tend to have tunnel vision toward goals. I know what I want for myself and when I set off on a path, I am willing to jump through the hoops to make it to the end. And, maybe, that's how I've gotten to see and do the things I have.

^straight nailing a jumping photo

^straight nailing a jumping photo

Sure, sometimes my grand schemes haven't been thoroughly thought out and that can get you into trouble. But living with my feet off the ground has made my life an adventure. And I wouldn't want it any other way. 

Here's to the big things ahead {and all those who live with their feet un-planted}! May I reach all the end goals and make it through the tunnel out the other end exactly where I aim to be.