parks & rec

Work has been so full on, and that combined with the end of another semester of graduate school and saving for everything that is being planned for 2017, means that I've been spending as much time outside relaxing in the recent sunshine and free fresh air as I can manage. Luckily, Montana has a buffet of parks to enjoy and scenery to take in over a cup of coffee and a conversation with a friend.

While Lindsey was up from Las Vegas, I took her to Giant Springs State Park. It's a funny little place, right on the east bank of the Missouri River. The springs were first described by Lewis & Clark {oh, those guys} on their way West. The spring pops up and then flows into the Missouri. There is a playground and a Trout "show pond" for families to enjoy and so that little kids can feed the fish that swim around.

Roommate {Lyndsay T., who actually hasn't been my roommate since 2013...} and I had gone hiking around Ryan Dam and I remember thinking how open it was and how interesting the landscape was. So, I took Lindsey on a short hike just so she could see the Missouri from its West bank and so that we could enjoy the sunshine. Seriously, Montana turned itself on to give her the best weather.

The sky was extra blue the whole weekend. The don't call Montana Big Sky Country for nothing, guys. I'm so glad I got to show my friend a snippet of what this place has to offer over her quick stay.  

Here's hoping the weather keeps it up! I can feel summer coming-- Saturday mornings spent at the Farmer's Market and grabbing a caramel roll from JJ's bakery, iced coffees and walks by the River's Edge Trail. It all sounds extra good to me.