glacier national park

Welcome to the new site, guys! What do we think? A few kinks to work out, but other than the nitty kind of kicks ass, amirite? So, let's break this bad boy in with a new post, yeah? Okay. 

Last weekend, Lindsey came to visit all the way from Las Vegas, Nevada. I get a sort of anxiety when people come and visit me anywhere I live. I got it in South Carolina with Simon, with Lindsey in New Zealand, and this time around was no different. I think it's my mother's voice in my head, reminding me that being a good host means pulling out all the stops. Sometimes I hit it out of the ball park, sometimes...not so much. I think it's because I get so excited about the littlest details and can be just as happy in a big city with lots to see as I can be in a cabin out in the woods. I always want people to be entertained. I like my visitors to see as much as possible.

Knowing Lindsey was coming, I had thought about where to take her for a while. Missoula is a favorite of mine. Big Dipper Ice Cream and Iron Horse Pub deep-fried cookie dough, hello! Bozeman is always gorgeous, but I don't know it well enough to show someone around it (the problem I ran into in South Carolina). That's when I realized that to have a true Montana experience, you have to go to Glacier. Because Glacier is everything Montana. Crystal clear lakes, snow-capped mountains, and the biggest sky you ever did see.

We left Great Falls early Saturday morning after a quick stop by Crooked Tree. I take everyone who visits to Crooked Tree at some point during their stay, because the people there have been so good to me {both as a customer and as an employee}. I got to introduce Lindsey to my former boss, Lindsay, who insisted that we all have cinnamon ombres since I invented the drink after all. ;)  My one legacy in this world will be that years ago, after I took the GRE, I competed in the Crooked Tree Barista Competition and won best original drink-- then named it after my freshly colored hair.

After the coffee and muffin stop, we hit the road. Glacier is approximately 3 hours from Great Falls, but worth every mile. I drove while Roommate {Lyndsay T.} navigated the way to the cabin we had rented and Lindsey told us all the beautiful details of her engagement {yay!}.

The cabin we rented I found via Google search. It was relatively cheap and in an amazing location.  Reclusive cabins is owned by Ryan and Christine. You can e-mail them or call them to set up your stay. After putting your deposit down, you immediately receive an e-mail with driving directions to the cabin and a list to remind you of all the amenities {also listed on their website} that are included in your stay.

The cabins have Wi-Fi {not that you'll want to be on a computer} and a television with cable. The kitchen had new pots and pans, dishware, and a coffee maker. They even supplied Montana coffee for us to make. We stayed in the Trout Cabin, which had Trout themed décor everywhere. It was the cutest and I don't even like fish.

no one understands how hard it was to take a damn selfie with all of us in it while riding our bikes -__- so I gave up, but this one was too funny not to share

no one understands how hard it was to take a damn selfie with all of us in it while riding our bikes -__- so I gave up, but this one was too funny not to share

Our cabin stay also included bikes to ride at our leisure. We grabbed them after a long day of hiking and took an evening pedal down the road where we stumbled upon a horse ranch. *insert all the heart-eyed emojis*

Being Montana girls {I know, I know, I wasn't born or raised here, but I totally feel like I'm from here}, Roommate and I packed food for dinner and breakfast the next morning. Since Glacier is in the off-season, we didn't want to risk what few restaurants and  grocery stores they have being closed. We also packed some party decorations to surprise Lindsey with a "Bridal Suite" in the big bedroom. I wanted to make sure she knew how happy I was for her and Devin. Thanks to my mother for supplying the beautiful Premier necklace she wanted Lindsey to have. It was the perfect final touch.

Technically speaking, Glacier National Park has most of its trails closed in the "winter", but if you could have seen the weather this past weekend, you wouldn't have known it was the low-season. We had 70-degree days and sun the entire weekend.  We did get to hike up Sperry Trail and around Lake McDonald.

Lake McDonald was straight out of my dreams. So the next day, in an attempt to visit the waterfalls, we ended up hiking around the other side of the lake. Seeing the lake the second time around, you would think we would have been over it...not even close. The second time around it was just as breathtaking as the first time.

I think, sometimes, Montana gets a reputation for being this agriculturally rich land with a bunch of small towns and nothing to do-- and I'd like to keep that rumor circulating so that people don't invade the place. Untouched and without all the billboards, this place is preserved. The air is fresh and you don't hear the constant honking of car horns.

Apart from the views, I think the best thing about Montana is that the people who are here, truly want to be here and they appreciate the shit out of this place.  

I don't know where the road will take me. I never fully do. Plans change, my journey has lead me down so many unexpected places. But wherever I end up, dirt path or paved road, I hope I stay wild like Montana and that I never harden my heart to the beauty of this place.