Mobile, Alabama

Alabama is not 'home.' I've never lived, studied, or even spent extensive time there. 96% of the time, America doesn't even feel like home. However, after nearly 3 full days of travel to get back on U.S. soil, arriving in Mobile for my baby sister's college graduation felt like stepping into familiar territory. 

Despite my oncoming cold and the second ever bout of jet lag I've had to endure, I rallied to explore the city where my sister created a home for herself! 

Like any true Southern city, Mobile has a heavy French influence on its architecture and the culture of its downtown area. There are many colourful boutiques and specialty shops that line Dauphin Street. 

Three Georges Chocolate Shop can be found on the corner of Joachim Street. As soon as you walk into the bright teal building, the smell of old fashioned candies and freshly wrapped chocolate fills your nostrils. My sister recommends their 'turtles.' 

Again, in line with the core beliefs of the South, Mobile makes sure you never go hungry. Our family stopped for brunch at Spot of Tea, conveniently located along Dauphin Street. Unfortunately, it was too cold to sit outside at the cafe style tables, however, the decor inside creates a fun atmosphere for a meal with friends and family. 

The prices here are reasonable, especially considering you get a mountain of food on your plate. I highly recommend the hot chocolate, because I'm secretly 12-years-old. Tip: Spot of Tea is known for their 'Strawberry Tea', so give it a try! It's so good, guys. 

Just outside of Mobile, in a bordering town called Fairhope, is a castle. Yeah, like a real castle. This castle belongs to Dean Mosher and he built it. He not only built it, but he lives in it with his wife and children. Like it's a regular house...but it looks like Hansel and Gretel could have stopped by. It's open for the public to walk around and take photos of, and I give it two thumbs up! 

The best thing {ever?} about Mobile is not the gorgeous Gulf Coast views or the delicious Southern comfort food or the fairytale's the squirrels. And I am not effin' around. 

At the end of Dauphin street in the heart of downtown Mobile lies a park with mobs of squirrels. My sister told me that you can buy peanuts from the store up the road and the squirrels will surround you fighting for them.

We bought peanuts an after throwing just a few on the ground, I was quickly in squirrel heaven. One of my closest mates has a deep admiration for small mammals {foxes, ferrets, etc.} and so this would have basically been all his dreams come true. 

I left Mobile with many things left to be explored. More for another time I suppose. If you're ever down that way, take in the Southern charms that Mobile has to offer! It's worth the visit {hello, squirrels!!}.