Putrajaya Mosque

I wrote previously that Malaysia was the first Islamic country I have ever visited. Like the Hindu shrines in Batu Caves, the Putrajaya Mosque was a beautiful introduction to something very new and different. 


The architectural design was filled with tiny details. You are able to walk inside the mosque, if you are appropriately covered {head, shoulders, knees, ankles}. If you aren't for whatever reason, near the entrance of the mosque is a robe rental stand. 

Because I don't like to go into places of worship when I don't feel I know enough about proper behaviours {etc.}, Touk and I decided to admire the mosque from a distance. 

Something that isn't new to me or Touk is a good bridge. Especially Touk. Touk is a massive fan of bridges. 

So, naturally, she found a bridge to see in Malaysia during our stay. There are many famous bridges in Malaysia to go and view, but there was one in Putrajaya that is best seen from the viewing deck at the mosque. 

We waited...and waited...and waited until the sun set. That's when the bridge really put on a show. After the sky had turned dark, the bridge lit itself up in different colours. And it was well worth the wait. 

My trip to Malaysia was my last trip {for now} with Touk. It was filled with laughs and 'wtf' moments and I felt happy to be spending time in another new place with a wonderful friend.

I know that some day in the future, Touk and I will meet each other in yet another new place and it will be just like old times.

And she will probably make me look at all the bridges.