my 5 favourite things to do in Charleston

Cities are always changing and growing-- new cafes, new shops, new things to experience. That is what makes revisiting a favourite city extra exciting! Visiting Charleston a few times now has allowed me to create a more refined list of must-dos for the city.  

1. Enjoy a picnic in Battery Park

It's free, green, and by the sea! Most importantly, it's dog friendly :) 

2. Tour Calhoun Mansion

Purchase your ticket on site and view the historic and breathtaking mansion just down the block from Battery Park. Antique lovers, this spot's for you! 

3. Shop along King Street

Local shops beside chain brands, King Street has everything from H&M and Madewell to, my personal favourite, Candlefish. It's best to park in a public parking garage as streetside parking can get messy and meters are expensive! 

If you're in a long-distance relationship, missing your mistuh, go to Candlefish and grab a 'Boy Smell' candle or have them make one that smells specifically like your guy {I totally dig the 'Lumberjack' candle}. Also, for all you global gals, the 'Roam' selection of candles have scents to match cities {Imma fan of 'London', 'Paris', and 'Wellington', obviously}. 

4. See the city via horse and carriage

There is a lot of controversy surrounding carriage rides in cities, but if you do your research and feel comfortable with a company {some even allow you to walk through their stables, etc.}, then it's worth the money. Drivers of the carriages know everything from the architectural to the cultural history of the city. 

5. Eat. All. The. Food. 

Great coffee, delicious biscuits, yummy Cajun cooking, modern brunch spots-- Charleston has it all! For specific brunch recommendations, read my brunch guide here. 

Charleston, I love you. Until next time, Chuck-town! xx