Angel Oak Tree

Just outside of Charleston city limits on Johns Island sits Angel Oak Tree, a free attraction for everyone who wants to take in its beauty. And free is my favourite price ;) 

Be aware that the road to Angel Oak is unpaved and has the tendency to get a bit muddy!

In order to best preserve the tree, there are rules in place. No spiked heels. No standing on or hanging from the tree. No climbing its limbs, most of which are hollow! No carving your name in it {that means you Brittany + Ben = 4Eva}. 

Despite these attempts to preserve Angel Oak, development has begun to encroach on its home. An apartment complex and other retail buildings have been put on hold since 2012, but it's sad to think that something so beautiful could be put in jeopardy if people quit fighting for it. 

It is my personal belief that we should never stop fighting for that which we find beauty in. Relationships, philosophies, landmarks, trees...

If you're compelled to open another tab and read about the efforts to continually protect Angel Oak, you can find information here! And, hey, give the old girl a visit if you're ever down this way, k? You never know when these beautiful sites will be turned into parking lots.