Rainbow Row: the most colourful street in Charleston

The U.S. is a big place. It's spattered with cities all worth visiting in their own right. Most people visit Las Vegas or Los Angeles or New York, maybe Chicago when they come to the United States. But not many people think to visit Charleston. Those people are seriously missing out on the good shit.  It's like a hybrid between the trendiness of New York and the history of Philadelphia. 

Guys, I know I said it a year ago but I'm saying it again, I think Charleston is one of top 10 cities in the U.S.A. Easy. 

Skeptical? I was too. But, as I mentioned in my previous post, Charleston {and this region in general} is full of surprises. I can find a little something from all my favourite cities in C-Town. 

Take for example another great city near and dear to my heart as it's where I grew up: London. One of my favourite neighbourhoods in the city, Notting Hill. is lined with colourful homes. Charleston has Rainbow Row, a Caribbean coloured row of houses on East Bay Street that's Instagram famous.  

Around every corner are gorgeous homes that are all worthy of a snap. Like London, I could fill an entire SD card with pictures of just doors in Charleston.

And I almost do every trip. 

If you visit, really experience the beauty for yourself, and still aren't convinced I'd probably give you ^this^ face...

...but to each their own. You're seriously missing out though! 

Maybe I can use the power of Charleston brunch to persuade!