expecto petronas // Petronas Twin Towers

When you think of 'Kuala Lumpur', chances are you immediately think of the Petronas Twin Towers.  And you think of the towers with good reason. They are stunning. Photos don't do them the justice the so deserve. 

Speaking of photos, be prepared to be in front of the towers for an hour to get a decent snap. Also, be prepared to fight off every selfie-stick and Chinese tour group in existence, because they can all be found at the Petronas Twin Towers. 

I was so glad I got to see in person the gleaming, silver structures. It was another item crossed off the 'bucketlist', which basically just continues to grow and grow the more I tick off. 

iPhone snap by Touk

iPhone snap by Touk

The towers are not the only excitement that exists of an evening in KL. There is plenty more to check out at Jalan Alor. And, by 'check out', I mean eat. 

Jalan Alor was suggested to me by a girl from a traveling Facebook group I'm a part of. It's an outdoor night market for food vendors. Vietnamese pho, Japanese sushi, Chinese dim sum, Indian curries, seafood, roasted pigeon...you name it and you can find it at the Jalan Alor markets. 

Of course, like any Asian market, there is plenty of fruit {including durian} to be bought. 

And if street food and fighting for a photo isn't your idea of a good night, there is always the Regalia Residence pool {remember, you have to be staying there to enter!}, which is open until 10 p.m. :)