until I {kuang} si you again

Luke decided he needed to make the pilgrimage back to Kuang Si Waterfalls one last time before it gets cold {or supposedly gets cold, I'm a skeptic it ever drops low enough for a jacket}.

Since it was a sunny November Sunday, Xeng Lee, LyLy, Luke, and I jumped into the driver's van and hoped the flood damage we saw last time had since sorted itself out. 

It had. Although the tourists were out in full force, the water was blue and I was with some of my favourite company, though, so no complaints here. 

We brought ourselves a small picnic with the essentials:

Ritz crackers and Julie's Dark Choco cookies. Obviously. 

The gave us all a moment to relax before everything changes. Touk leaves in December and others leave not long after. We're heading off all over the place. And I am not a fan of the team separating. But, I'll see them again. Or, if you're a master of puns, I'll "Kuang Si" them again. I hate myself for my humor, but it's also my best trait. 

I leave for Malaysia next weekend with Touk. I'm excited to share with you the adventure we are completely unprepared for.

And after Malaysia I'm heading to...wait, wait...I'll hold off on announcing the next adventure.

Hint...it involves a passport with a visa, guys.

I'm getting ahead of myself though. First, I have to tell you guys about the paper village and Nong Khiaw {with Luke this time around}.