monkeying around the Batu Caves

I went to Malaysia simply because flights were cheap as. Of course, I wanted to go! A new country I knew nothing about? That's right up my alley.  

There were a few attractions we wanted to visit. There was an infinity pool that called our names. There was brunch that was had. Our time in Malaysia mostly consisted of Touk and I winging it, making up our itinerary as we went based on a short list of things we were interested in seeing and doing. It was basically three full days of the two of us monkeying around. 

There were monkeys monkeying around Malaysia too. 

There were nasty monkeys all over the outside entrance to Batu Caves. I say nasty, because if you know about wild monkeys you know they carry all kinds of diseases. One scratch and you've got yourself a really sick souvenir.

Kuala Lumpur has a direct train line to Batu Caves. For MYR3.80 {roughly USD$0.75 at time of publihsing}, you can hitch a ride on a very clean train straight to the entrance. And! If you're a lady, you can sit in the 'ladies only' coach. 

The limestone caves are accessed by walking up 272 stairs. Make sure your shoulders and knees are covered, ladies. Otherwise, you'll be asked to rent a sarong for MYR5. If you do rent a sarong and return it, you get MYR2 refund. Unfortunately, we arrived while the caves were under construction. Scaffolding and paint tarps everywhere. 

But, what are you gonna do, aye? 

Inside, the caves are lined with miniature Hindu shrines. Malaysia was my first real introduction to Hinduism. The destinations I have been to in Asia have been heavily Buddhist. This was something new and interesting and it made me want to go to India even more!  There were also angry, hungry monkey mobs in the caves. They were stealing fruit from women, ripping plastic bags open to snatch oranges. 

If you are in Kuala Lumpur, I recommend Batu Caves. It's free {heck yes!} and an experience worth having!