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brunch guide // Kuala Lumpur

brunch guide // Kuala Lumpur

While I said in my previous post that Kuala Lumpur is not easy on the eyes or full of friendly faces, it gets one thing very right-- brunch. It holds its own with the big boys like London and New York, I promise you. I had the best french toast of my life in Kuala Lumpur. It will probably never be topped, because it was the actual best french toast ever. Ever, guys. 

Here's a quick guide to two brunch spots worth your time navigating the train/taxi system in KL!


Our AirBnB was conveniently located next to the Putra train station, so Touk and I grabbed the train to Bank Negara station and walked a few blocks to LOKL. LOKL is a pork-free cafe that served us the best black, cold brew, iced coffee I have had anywhere in the world.

Kopi O served at LOKL is made of beans grown and roasted in Malaysia. I also had a bagel with cream cheese which was served in a very stylized way. Touk had the scrambled eggs and cheeseburger and a Kopi Susu {iced coffee with milk}. It looked amazing!

You can pick between indoor seating accompanied with exposed brick {a Tara favourite} and subway tile for a chilly day or outdoor seating in a courtyard overgrown with florals. Point being: LOKL is dreamy. 

Second Sunday //

Second Sunday is out of the way and hard to find as a first-timer. You can take the train, then hop on a bus, then walk 21 minutes. Or you can take my advice and hire yourself a taxi. Our taxi costs us about USD$5 a piece {split between Touk and myself} and it was well worth spending the cash.

Hint: tell your taxi driver you are going to the Atria Shopping Center and then walk around the complex next door, past all the Chinese restaurants until you see a white sign with black letters. 

Second Sunday has a more extensive food menu than LOKL, but a more traditionally Western coffee menu. The place is very trendy and the food is once again stylized. The coffee was served at the right temperature and tasted like actual perfection, but it was not the Malaysian coffee we had the day before. Just your run of the mill latte. Great tasting, but nothing especially Malaysian. 

But for the first time ever, the coffee was upstaged by the food-- the french toast to be exact. Yeah, This is the cafe that ruined french toast for me forever. 

Thick french toast, fresh strawberries, caramel-coated green apples, coffee and chocolate chips, muesli served with homemade vanilla ice cream. I don't even have a sweet tooth, but I almost cried. 

There you go, guys. Your quick guide to doing brunch right in Kuala Lumpur! I'm off to bed with sweet dreams of french toast and Kopi O. 

monkeying around the Batu Caves

monkeying around the Batu Caves

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