fish out of water

Touk and I arrived safely in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Friday afternoon. It was raining, just as the weather forecast had predicted.

After clearing customs and getting our passports stamped, we booked a 'coupon taxi' to drive us to our AirBnB accommodation. We were both relieved we went with the coupon taxi and not the metered taxi, as traffic was horrendous. If you have a longer commute or you are arriving during rush hour, I highly recommend the red standard rate coupon taxis.  

Now two days into our journey around Kuala Lumpur, Touk and I have our footing. We know our way around the train system. We have a handle on the exchange rate. We've got it sorted. But it was a weird start. Malaysia is both different and the same as I expected. 

I've never been to a heavily Muslim country before. I've never been formally introduced to Hinduism. There is no way to walk from point A to point B. Malaysians love their durian. It's all massively interesting. The food here is delicious. Service is fantastic. Everything is cheaper than I initially expected. The people here are not the most welcoming or friendly. The scenery is not exactly picturesque. The cultural diversity in Kuala Lumpur can be a bit much to take in and the smells of the city leave much to be desired. 

It's safe to say that after what time we've spent thus far in Kuala Lumpur, knowing we have more time ahead in which to have our minds changed, we are both in agreement that KL is a strange place that has made us both feel like fish out of water. 

It's obviously not 'home' the way that New Zealand or London are. Of course, it's not familiar the way Laos is. It feels very different than Vietnam or Thailand or Hong Kong. Malaysia is not even remotely like any of the places I've trekked across in South America. 

I haven't quite figured out the word I'd use to describe Kuala Lumpur. 

Regardless of knowing exactly how to describe KL, we are in Malaysia. It's new and it's different and we've got an infinity pool. So, really, we are actually not 'fish out of water'. If we were fish we would be very much in water. Sipping pina coladas from the side of the water. 


Sending you all love from this little fishy in a Malaysian pool! xx

**for those who have asked, we rented Isham's AirBnB at the Regalia Residence Apartments. We had the entire studio apartment to ourselves. The infinity pool is on the 37th floor of the apartment complex and requires your key for entrance. Total for a 4-day stay was $105 {which was split between Touk and myself}**