all you imagined and dim sum

Touk, having previously visited Hong Kong, had a short list of things she wanted me to see and do while we were there. Because, I had no idea what I was in for and did zero research prior to arrival. 

That "list" consisted of one thing: eating Dim Sum. 

Touk had given it a wee Google and determined that Dim Dim Sum was the place to take me to lose my Cantonese dining virginity. We walked {guided by the Maps.Me app!!} down a random street, through a smelly alley, off a bustling city corner until we arrived at our destinations. 

I am pretty adventurous {for a vegetarian} when it comes to food. That's a huge part of travelling-- trying the cuisines of a culture! However, I heavily pass on the duck blood served at Baci ceremonies and I can't bring myself to enjoy things with strange textures {i.e. everything Dim Sum}.  

I left most of the ordering up to Touk {she was a pro at this, remember}. I picked a mushroom soup and steamed vegetable dumplings. Touk was beside herself with excitement as she ordered chicken feet. 

Yeah. Like the feet of a chicken. 'Cooked exactly how I like them!'- Touk. 

Dim Dim Sum is a small restaurant and the wait staff tend to just yell at you in Cantonese. It is incredibly cheap. All the food in the photos above plus two teas and two Coca-Colas for less than USD$10. That's an absolute steal in Hong Kong. To put it in perspective, we paid almost USD$18 for a single cocktail at the Felix Skybar. 

^photo from Touk's iPhone!

^photo from Touk's iPhone!

I wouldn't say I'm a Dim Sum fan. Too many weird textures and unrecognizable vegetables for me. But, I can say it was a hilarious experience at the perfect restaurant with a wonderful friend. And I highly recommend everyone going to Hong Kong give it a go! 

Hong Kong overall gets my recommendation. It's packed full of expats. It's expensive. The air is humid and thick with pollution. But despite all those things, there is a sort of buzzing feeling you get when you're there. There are temples to explore and modern transport to get you there. There is out of this world shopping and trendy restaurants to try. 

I suppose at the end of it I would sum it up like this: Hong Kong was all I imagined it would be {weird, exciting, trendy, posh} ...and dim sum

And they say I'm no good at puns! 

I'm not sure if I'll ever make it back to Hong Kong. That's kind of the beauty of travel, aye? I try and see as much as I can when I'm in a new place, because it may be the only time I get to experience it. So, for now at least, this is me saying 晚安 Hong Kong {that's good-bye for those of us who don't speak or read Cantonese}!