Po Lin Monastery

If you make it up to the Big Buddha, then it takes walking all of about 400 meters over to the Po Lin Monastery. And if you're a sucker for color, architecture, or cultural diversity then I highly suggest you make that short walk. Also, free entry. Holla. 

I have said it before {probably a million times}: Chinese culture has never fascinated me. I appreciate it and the beautiful landscapes I have seen in issues of National Geographic or Conde Nast, but it's just never tickled my fancy to go there.

But after viewing the Po Lin monastery and all its intricate details, I was in true awe. Because, guys, someone {or, rather, lots of someones} had to make that. The temple made of carved marble? Yes, that. The stone dragons protecting the Buddha? Yep, every single one of those bad boys. 

It reminded me of my days back in Europe looking at the Eiffel Tower or the many castles our family would day trip to. Somebody had to build that starting with nothing but an idea. 

When I think about the time coming when I have to find a new place to call home or the possibility of that happening sooner rather than later, I often find myself feeling overwhelmed. Which is silly, because I am the queen of packing a bag and sorting it out somewhere new and unfamiliar. However, it can be daunting. 

I'll once again have to start over. Find an apartment. Find a job {the fucking worst}. Find a gym and a hair stylist {who will have his/her work cut out for them}. 

But then I think of the people who carved temples and built civilizations out of nothing. And I realize I have nothing to fear, because the end result of starting from zero can be absolutely stunning. 

Until that time comes I'll have to pack my suitcase and then unpack it in a new {or maybe old} place, I'll be here. In Asia. Living in Asia. 

So weird saying that, even four months later.