a village visit

I have begun to pack my bags for Vietnam and Hong Kong. Despite the planning that should probably be getting done for the trip, I couldn't pass up the invite to visit LyLy's village outside of Luang Prabang with Monique and Luke. 

Little man Lee took us for a tour of his village as the sun was on its way down and Luke took the opportunity to interview him for his blog which you can {and should} check out here

It was an incredibly simple evening out-- home-cooked food, card games, and a dirt road walk. We played 'Uno' and stuffed ourselves full of LyLy's delicious bean salad and steamed pumpkin. I cannot rave enough about how good the dinner and the company was! It reminded me again of how lucky I am. Perhaps the best part of this job is the people I've met. No, that's definitely the best part. 

I'm in a constant state of missing my people. Lynds, Lindsey, Tash, S, Keegs, Sam, and all the many names I haven't listed because I'm lazy. That's what I get for living the life I do. I recognize that I am lucky that I have people to miss.

But, you know what else makes me feel extra lucky? The fact that I've got a good group of loved ones to share meals with here, folks. 

To those special people here that have made it feel as much like home as it ever could be without it being New Zealand, I love you. This is an internet hug from me to you. I'm just feeling really grateful. particularly in the last few day. And so I wrote this. Simple as that, guys. 

Off to finish packing for Vietnam and Hong Kong and to plan my trip in November with Touk!