People ask me questions. Here are my answers. 

  • What camera do you use?

I use my trusty Canon Rebel T5. I also have a GoPro Hero 4 Silver I'm still trying to learn how to use. When all else fails, I have my iPhone 6S. 

  • Where is your favourite travel destination?

I can't pick one! There is just too much world However, New Zealand is the place my heart calls home. EnglandLaos, the Welsh countryside, + the Scottish Highlands all are significant + sentimental. You can never go wrong in Paris. Jackson Hole, Glacier National Park, and Charleston are U.S.A. favourites.

  • What blogging platform do you use?

After using Blogger for years, I finally made the switch to Squarespace thanks to my amazing Web Design team, FIVE:thirty. It's super simple + easy to use. Also their help site is the best. 

  • Do you have a media kit?

I do! It's pretty sick thanks to Alexa Stress, a talented graphic design student who worked her magic to make it the most rad. If you'd like to see my media kit, just shoot me an e-mail {} + I'd love to send it your way. Be sure to check out my 'Work with Me' page if you're looking for a collaboration. 

  • What do you do with your dog while you travel?

My parents live in South Carolina with a big yard + land for Poppy to run around. They are super supportive, so they have offered to take care of Poppy whenever I am away. I hate being without the Poptart, but I know she's in safe + loving hands any time I'm gone. 

  • Who takes photos of you?

When I travel with friends {Tash, Keegan, S, Lyndsay, Touk, Lindsey} or family {mainly my mother}, they graciously take bloggy-pics of me and sometimes they snap great candids! I also have a tripod I have used when I'm on my own. Selfies will do the trick in a hot second. If I feel comfortable, I'll ask a kind stranger or fellow tourist! 

  • Why the name 'Silly Little Kiwi'?

I started SLK in 2011. I had a friend who used to add 'silly little' in front of every pet name for our group of friends. 'Aren't you a silly little bird?!' 'You're a silly little angel!' 'I love you silly little babes!' When I told her I was going to study abroad in New Zealand, she responded with 'Aww, T! You'll be the cutest silly little kiwi there ever was!' And that's how it happened. I started my blog and that name just stuck. My semester abroad changed the trajectory of my life completely. Enough that I left the name.