frequently asked questions

I sometimes get emails or DMs about this site and my travels. Here are the ones I get asked frequently. 

why is it called 'silly little kiwi'? //

In 2011, way back when I started this site before blogging was a thing, I was preparing to keep my family and friends up to date with my travels during my semester in New Zealand. I couldn't think of something that didn't feel super cliche. 'Tara's Travels' was thrown around along with a few other alliterations, but ultimately it was something a friend in Montana {shoutout to you Brandi!} said in passing that stuck: "You're gonna be the cutest little Kiwi ever!" I changed cute to silly since I'm obviously hilarious, and the rest is seven years of online history. 


My dad was in the military, so we moved every few years from Missouri to New Mexico to England and on and on until I decided to go to University in Montana. I then studied abroad in New Zealand and life changed. I fell in love for a time and moved back, traveling around Oceania and Asia. Technically speaking I'm a born American but all my closest friends {who I consider my family and the loves of my life} live in New Zealand. So, in a way, that's more like home than I've ever known. 

what's your favourite destination? //

I don't think I could possibly pick a favourite. However, exploring Patagonia in South America was a major bucket list moment for me. I'm desperately in love with its blue waters and incredible mountain landscapes. New Zealand has beaches and mountains and my people, so it's kind of unbeatable in terms of physical beauty, delicious coffee culture, and banter. Laos also holds a special place in my heart thanks to the volunteer work I did there and the Women's Empowerment Project I was the coordinator of for a time. 


I save money-- simple as that! I also try and find ways to earn and save while I adventure. I do freelance writing work. I've worked for charities overseas and worked as an au pair. 

what happened to your personal posts? //

After a conversation with someone who was the most significant person in my life in an era, I decided to archive them away so that only those with a password could access them. I want to honour the moments I wrote about and save them for the people I shared those moments with. All the valuable travel content on this site is still fully accessible to everyone!