where to find Bill Murray in Charleston: my unofficial guide to stalking the legend in South Carolina

I found out in April in a moment when coincidence and luck made out with one another that BILL MURRAY LIVES IN CHARLESTON. Actually, he lives on Sullivan's Island, which is a part of the Charleston metropolitan area. The Bill Murray. The man, the myth, the legend. Not only does he live in Charleston, but he co-owns the Charleston Riverdogs baseball team {his official title is 'Director of Fun'} and he frequently stops in bars and restaurants around the city, often and paying the tab for all its patrons. Whatta guy, right? 

After spending six months falling in love with Charleston, and learning about Bill Murray's favourite places and hearing about friends who had spotted him around the city, I made an itinerary to see the city through the eyes of Bill {first name basis}. 

This post has been updated from its original publishing on June 5, 2017.

here’s where you’ll find bill murray in charleston

Early morning coffee at Kudu

Kudu Coffee has been on my list of places to try for a while now. Any local of the area will tell you that the coffee at Kudu is some of the best in the city. Bill isn't out of the loop. He is said to frequent Kudu for early morning coffee. So, naturally, this was my first stop of the day! The pastries are fresh at Kudu and their almond milk chai is the best I've had in Charleston. Tip: try the Pesto and Sundried Tomato Croissant. 

Stroll on Sullivans Island

Bill's home {along with many other celebrities} is on Sullivans Island. So, naturally, I headed there next. The sand was warm between my toes and the water wasn't freezing, so I took a walk along the beach hoping that maybe Bill was taking advantage of the beautiful day by strolling on the beach too. On this particular day, he was not. 

Brunch at Harold's Cabin

Harold's Cabin is co-owned by Murray. The atmosphere of the place is as cool as the man himself, or what I imagine him to be like. It's a bit spendy, but the food boasts 'farm to table' fare and regional vegetables. Despite this, it's not the most vegetarian-friendly joint, but for a chance to see Bill Murray, I thought it was more than necessary to drop in. I don't know about you, but I imagine Bill to be a good ol' boy, ya know? And as soon as you walk through the doors of Harold's Cabin, you feel like you're in a good ol' boy's cabin, somewhere in the woods where classic music and laughter are joint soundtracks. The details of this place are amazing. Woodland creatures and antique tin cans fill the place with a cozy and nostalgic atmosphere.

I cannot recommend the Green Salad enough:  feta, cucumber, celery, fresh sprouts, regional lettuce, and spinach. Also, their Sangria is insanely good.

Blue Bicycle Books

There have been sightings of the Man Murray at Blue Bicycle Books. Since I'm getting ready for more long-haul travel, I thought I'd stop by and pick up something new to read. Bill was not there {#stillnoBill}, but I found a bunch of books written by local authors, Gullah history books, stories from the Civil War, children's books to send my little loves, and a book of unpublished stories from one of my favourites, Mr. F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Charleston Riverdogs baseball game

My friend's sister just saw Bill at the Riverdog's game last Friday. He's part owner of the team and the Director of Fun, remember? It wouldn't be right if he weren't at as many games as possible. Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Park {or 'The Joe' as locals call it} was the next stop on my agenda for the day. 

Tacos at Pancito + Lefty

Update: Pancito + Lefty closed in September 2018. Read more here.

Bill Murray was famously the first customer at Pancito + Lefty, a Mexican restaurant that's gained a lot of attention for its stylish interior and delicious menu offerings. I enjoyed the patio, despite the heat. If you don't speak Spanish, you might want to ask questions about the menu. It's a bit confusing and ambiguous. I ordered what I thought were vegetarian street tacos with avocado and jalapeno salsa...not realizing they came with little slabs of steak. Not wanting to be wasteful {and embarrassed that I had ordered with such confidence in my Spanish language skills},  I removed the meat and ate everything that was left on the beautiful tortilla shells. What remained was delicious. More than delicious. I could have eaten double what I was given and wished I could have taken the jalapeno salsa home in a jar. Definitely worth a visit, Bill or no Bill. 

While I totally enjoyed having a 'Gone Girl' moment, hoping to meet Bill Murray, I didn't actually see the man. But, hey, it was worth a shot, amirite?! If you're ever in Charleston and you run into Bill, give him a hug for me, k? 


Where to find Bill Murray in Charleston, South Carolina: the best spots for stalking down the star